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Terms and Conditions


We need to activate your account before you'll be able to start reselling our product.
This activation may take up to 1 full week from the time you submit your request.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. We offer retail products for re-sale through affiliated internet stores.
  2. Company or Individual agrees to keep intact a desirable and active internet website.
  3. Company or Individual agrees to distribute and promote internet website to Company customers.
  4. All purchases made through the affiliated internet store will be processed by Us, including but not limited to; collection of funds, fulfillment and shipment of order, process all customer service requests, and provide full account disclosure for affiliated internet store.
  5. We will distribute funds or commissions of the gross retail price to Company or Individual once per quarter or four (4) times per year*.
  6. Company or Individual is an independent contractor and no employment relationship is formed by this agreement.
  7. Company or Individual is prohibited from collecting any payment whatsoever in connection with the product, representing itself as having any affiliation other than an independent contractor.
  8. Company or Individual agrees to indemnify us for any actions or inactions of its employees in regard to the subject of this agreement.
  9. Prices are control by us and are subject to Revision.
  10. The fee is due at the end of each anniversary and is not refundable.
  11. This agreement will be automatically renewed at the date of it's anniversary, every year, unless we receive a written notice 30 days prior the end of anniversary.
  12. We may add, change or retrieve any products from is website at any time, without any further notice.
  13. Our private policie is strict: we do not rent or sell any mailing or customer list to any third party.

I agree to the terms.